Music Sessions in Schools

  • Music is one of the best ways to engage students and develop their education. We will deliver interactive, informative and fun sessions that any age and ability can take part in.

    Singing, playing instruments and writing songs are fantastic ways for students to develop musically and personally.  They will be encouraged to get involved and be working as part of a team as well as using their own initiative.  The sessions will help to develop their confidence, listening skills, motivation, rhythm skills, imagination, self esteem and much, much more.

  • We offer a variety of workshops including;

    • Singing
    • Instrument playing/music appreciation.
    • Rhythm and music skills
    • Playing as a band
    • Song writing
    • Music theory

    We can also offer a combination of the above workshops, so get in touch to discuss what you would like.

  • Music will help your students to understand and reinforce what they are learning. We will create a programme which in-corporates knowledge through music, covers the national curriculum and focusses on a particular subject the class is working on e.g. Geography, Maths, Science, English, as well as sub-focussing within these subjects e.g. countries, times tables, biology.

    Sessions will be tailored to suit you and your class; these can be weekly, for as long as you like, or a one off workshop. If you would like your class to engage with the other classes, or just to show off their skills, we can organise for them to do a performance at the school to show what they have been doing.